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There are so many reasons you need friends, and there are also reasons why having friends is more important than having a partner. Of course it's lovely to be in a relationship, but you should be wary of making finding a relationship more important than having friends. Everyone needs to have friends in their life. Here are some of the reasons you need friends more than you need a partner. A collection of friendship poems, depicting the emotions between friends and their friendship poetry.
Friends bring more happiness into our lives than virtually anything else. Friendships have a huge impact on your mental health and happiness. Good friends relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, and prevent loneliness and isolation. Developing close friendship poetry can also have a powerful impact on your physical health.

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friendship shayari

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ताजी हवा में फूलो की महक

ताजी हवा में फूलो की महक हो पहली किरण में चिड़ियों की चहक हो जब भी खोलो आप अपनी पलके उन पलकों में खुशियों की झलक हो

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taqdeer ne jise chaha

तक़दीर ने चाहा तक़दीर ने बताया तक़दीर ने हमें और आपको मिलाया खुशनसीब थे हम या वो पल जब आप जैसा अनमोल दोस्त हमारी जिंदगी में आया

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ek jaise dost sare nahi hote

एक जैसे दोस्त सारे नहीं होते कुछ हमारे होकर भी हमारे नहीं होते आपसे दोस्ती करने के बाद महसूस हुआ कौन कहता है की तारे जमीन पर नहीं होते

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सारी दुनिया की मुस्कान

सारी दुनिया की मुस्कान तेरे पास है ये ज़मीन और आसमान तेरे पास है गम ना करना की तुझे याद नहीं करते ऐ दोस्त मेरी तो जान तेरे पास है

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कभी हँसा देते हो कभी

कभी हँसा देते हो कभी रुला देते हो कभी कभी नींद से जगा देते हो मगर जब भी दिल से याद करते हो कसम से जिंदगी का एक पल बढ़ा देते हो

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गुजारिश हमारी वो मान

गुजारिश हमारी वो मान ना सके मजबूरी हमारी वो जान ना सके कहते है मरने के बाद भी याद रखेंगे जीते जी जो हमें पहचान ना सके

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क्यों आपकी ख़ामोशी मुझे

क्यों आपकी ख़ामोशी मुझे खामोश कर जाती है क्यों आपकी उदासी मुझे उदास कर जाती है क्या रिश्ता है मेरा और आपका जो हर पल आपकी याद आ जाती है

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फासले मिटा कर आपस में

फासले मिटा कर आपस में प्यार रखना दोस्ती का रिश्ता यु ही बरक़रार रखना मालूम है दोस्त बहुत है आपके पर उनके बीच अपनी इस परछाई का ख्याल रखना

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दोस्त तेरी दोस्ती पर नाज

दोस्त तेरी दोस्ती पर नाज करते है हर वक़्त मिलने की फरियाद करते है हमें नहीं पता घरवाले बताते है की हम नींद में भी आपसे बात करते है

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लोग कहते है तुम क्यों

लोग कहते है तुम क्यों अपनी मोहब्बत का इजहार उनसे नही करते मैंने कहा जो लफ्जो में बयां हो जाये सिर्फ उतना प्यार हम उनसे नहीं करते

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तेरे मेरे रिश्ते को क्या नाम

तेरे मेरे रिश्ते को क्या नाम दू ये नाम दू या वो नाम दू इस दुनिया की भीड़ में नाम हो जाते है बदनाम क्यों ना अपने रिश्ते को बेनाम रहने दू

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गम में हंसने वालो को रुलाया नहीं

गम में हंसने वालो को रुलाया नहीं जाता लहरो को पानी से मिलाया नहीं जाता होने वाले खुद ही अपने हो जाते है किसी को कहकर अपना बनाया नहीं जाता

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What is friendship poetry True friendship means more than just hanging out with someone because you are bored. It means a lot more than buying them a gift card or talking about trivial matters to avoid awkward silence. A true friend loves you with their whole heart, no matter what. This type of relationship often requires sacrifice. Here are some of the signs of true friendship. These characteristics are common to all true friends:

True friends are honest with each other
True friends are trustworthy and they accept the honesty of each other. They don't indulge in petty arguments and they don't try to change each other for the sake of being friends. True friends are also tolerant and realize that not everything they do is the best for each other. In addition, true friends are free to choose whom they want to spend time with, not the other way around. True friends know that you can have plenty of friends and don't have to try to convince them to hang out with you.

They share common interests
A relationship can flourish when two people have similar interests and can interact with one another as a result. But, this doesn't mean that two people are inseparable. A few people have similar interests, while others do not. For example, a couple may love to cook and dislike to cook. On the other hand, they may both enjoy acting and have different interests when it comes to food. Despite their different preferences, they have one thing in common - they both love to watch television.

They are culturally neutral friendship
Many authors have praised the virtue of friendship poetry, but there are also many cultural differences in the way friends are perceived. The idea that friendship is culturally neutral is counter-intuitive, since a friendship is based on mutual valuing. This concept is also contradicted by studies of the merchant marine, which show the importance of social structure and a taboo on personal friendships. In this article, we'll examine some of the differences in perception and understanding of friendship and explore some of their implications for human behavior.

They require time and effort
Like any other type of relationship, friendships take work. Just as you must commit time and energy to work out in order to build muscle, you must devote time and effort to cultivate a beautiful garden. In a similar vein, great friendship poetry take time and effort to grow. People spend hundreds of hours talking to one another and partaking in activities, gaining insight into their morals and values. The more time spent developing a relationship, the greater the potential for its growth.

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  • friendship poetry
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